SPICA – I Did It

Lirik Lagu I did It-SPICA

Color Coded Heaven

Joohyun | Boa | Narae | Jiwon | Bohyung

Where my girls at?
Okay stop I’ll tell ya ’bout it

It’s been way too long since I been
Out for a night
with my girl friends
Been a hard day’s workso let’s go
We gonna celebrate tonight oh hey hey

Got my outfit tightI’m lookin’ right
Diamonds on deck and my shoes right
It feels so goodand uncivilized
Raise my glass tonight

Driving in a carwith the windows rolled down just ridin’ with my crew
Gonna take us farturn it up all night no we don’t need us no dudes

I go out, all night cause I like it a lot
(I Did It)Then I spend my day doin’ just what I want
(I Did It)Always get my way cause I like it a lot
Choose how I live my life if you…

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