Lirik Lagu VIEW SHINee ( Dengan Terjemahannya)


modu hal mareul ilhji rike you
ne chawon isangui gijeogui View
dalkomhi jjigeo mun biccui pongdyu
boigi sijakhan eumui saekdo

yeminhaejin geol neukkyeo
tturyeoshan saekgamgwa yeoseot beonjjae gamgak
Tonight is the night
jom geochireodo joha
deo mingamhi gureobwa
deoneun sumgiji marajwo

*neomu areumdaun-daun-daun-daun View
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun-daun View
deo boyeojwo daeum-daeum-daeum-daeum View
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun-daun View
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun (geugoseuro)
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun (deryeoga jwo)
deo boyeojwo daeum-daeum-daeum (deo boyeojwo)
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun-daun View

jeo haneureul gopge jeopneun
i badareul byeonge damneun sigando
pyeonhi geotneun kkumdeureul irwo nan (by my side)
sangsanghan ge mwodeun jeonbu boyeo julge
ije malhaebwa Yeah-yeah

yeminhaejin geol neukkyeo
eungeunhan chokgamgwa kkeuteopseojin gamgak
Tonight is the night
isanghadaedo joha
jamdeureodeon gamgagui hangyereul neomeoseon geu sungan

jiruhame iksukhaejyeo teukbyeolhameul ijeojanha
ije cheoncheonhi gogaereul deureo jwo
nae du nune ip majchwo

neomu areumdaun-daun-daun
neomu areumdaun-daun-daun (geugoseuro)
deryeoga jwo

nugudeun cheoeumigeji rike you (I feel a thousand senses)
byeolbiccui hyanggwa maseul bon geosdo (I’ll never leave you lonely)
hyanggiui mugereul neukkin geosdo (I won’t let you down)
soriui saekgwa moyang bon geosdo


Everyone loses their words Like you
Miracles beyond a fourth dimension View
A bite of a sweet Fondue of light
Even its color tones, started to get visible

I feel they became sensitive
The vivid colors and my sixth sense
Tonight is the night
I like it a little rough too
Be more sensitive
Please don’t hide it no more

*Such a beautiful-ful-ful-ful View
Such a beautiful-ful-ful-ful View
show me more of the next-next-next-next View
Such beautiful-ful-ful-ful (to that place)
Such beautiful-ful-ful-ful (take me)
show me more of what’s next-next-next-next (show me more)
Such beautiful-ful-ful-ful View

folding that sky gently,
and the time it takes to collect this ocean into the bottle
I make the dream of walking comfortably come true (by my side)
I will show you whatever you imagine
Now tell me Yeah-yeah

I feel it became sensitive
Gentle feelings and endless sense
Tonight is the night
It’s okay even if it’s not quite normal
that moment of going over the limit of awakened senses

You lost your uniqueness by getting comfortable with boredom
Now raise your head slowly
Kiss both my eyes

That very beautiful-ful-ful
That very beautiful-ful-ful (place)
take me there

Whoever’s first time it will be, like you (I feel a thousand senses)
tasting and smelling the light of the stars (I’ll never leave you lonely)
Feeling the weight of the scents (I won’t let you down)
Seeing the color and shape of a sound


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